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no. 43

Rear Elevation Visual Website 2.jpg

no. 43 is the former home of abstract artist, sculptor, and flamenco dancer, Ron Hitchins. Though Ron passed away at the age of 92 in 2019, his spirit lives on and both his artistic work and home continue to be celebrated. Located near London Fields in Hackney, the house became the living embodiment of Ron’s artistic work serving as his canvas for his various creative expressions.


Ron moved into the house in the 1960’s and apart from his artistic interventions, the maintenance and upkeep of the house has very much fallen into disrepair. The new owners of the house, a young family,  intend to complete a full renovation that will thoughtfully restore the existing character of the house whilst bringing the house up to modern standards, alongside extension works and garden studio.

20th-century pieces sourced by Atelier LK for the exhibition in the existing house

photography by Richard Round Turner

Before renovation work begins an exhibition of Ron Hitchin’s work alongside a range of iconic artists' furniture and objects will be displayed throughout the house. This exhibition has been led by Atelier LK, an interior design studio established by Ruby Kean and Lisa Jones. 


Dea Domus, Jess Murphy, and Christabel MacGreevy’s pieces in the kitchen of No 43.

photography by Richard Round Turner


The current exhibition juxtaposes new and old objects together, finding ways to interpret and celebrate the found spaces of the existing house. The result will feed into the developing designs and interventions for the renovation.

Jess Murphy Ceramics on the stairs at no. 43 for Aterlier LK's exhibition in the existing house

The range of works currently on show include iconic names including Tobia Scarpa, Axel Einar Hjorth, Angelo Mangiaroc and Charlotte Perriand, alongside contemporary pieces on show by designers such as  EJR Barnes, Wayne Pate, Fred Rigby, Daniel Reynolds and Grain & Knot.


Chair by EJR Barnes in the dance studio for Aterlier LK's exhibition in the existing house

IMG_0360 lr_edited.jpg

Though the interior of the house is full of character the entire house is in great need of renovation to bring the house up to a modern standard. It is the aim of the new owner to do this in a way that is respectful of the Victorian property, whilst brining the house up to a modern standard.

The existing hallway at no. 43

ronhitchens_interiors-25 edit.jpg

The front of the 19th Century house was painted pink by Ron Hitchins


Ron's imprint can be seen throughout the house


These doors by Ron are being retained and refurbished as part of the renovation


 Ron produced thousands of handmade ceramic tiles, 50mm x 50mm in format in a range of colours with each one a unique design. Ron would fire these tiles in a kiln in the basement of the house.

A box of Ron's white tiles found in the existing house

The design of the rear extension has taken inspiration from Ron's tiles with the external skin wrapped in a mosaic of square tiles in the same format as Ron's. This is being done in collaboratoin with ceramic specialist, Priory Terracotta. 

Malvern Rd colour 1.jpg

External grade tile samples produced by Priory Terracotta. for the skin of the rear extension.

Internal Rear Elevation Light Frames.jpg

Early visualisation for the proposed new dining room and kitchen extension


As part of the renovation work, the rear garden will be redesigned alongside a new garden studio and sauna. This will feature a green roof with timber frame structure and sunken studio space.

Visulisation for the new garden studio and sauna.

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