5 x 5 x 5

5 x 5 x 5 is a new build house in Hackney that occupies the site of an old garage adjacent Victoria Park that had been illegal occupied for several years. The external appearance of the new house deceives first impressions; with a lowered internal floor level and pop-up bedroom to the rear, the careful planning of the interior has created a spacious and light filled new home. 

The existing bedsit was far below acceptable living standards with poor natural light and limited space for any furniture except the minimum. The property is surrounded by private gardens on three sides and sits within the Victoria Park Conservation Area, the planning restrictions on the site were strict. . 

The new house is set 1 metre below ground and to the rear rises up by 1 metre. This simple move allows the creation of a bedroom mezzanine above, with the bathroom, kitchen and living area below. The location and size of each of these areas was key, alongside the requirement for storage. Inspiration was taken from the interiors of yacht and mobile home design, where creative space saving solutions are common.

It has always been the clients ambition to create a high quality home, whereby the lack of space is the catalyst which generates the need for intelligent and well considered design. All the furniture in the house will be bespoke, ensuring every seat, shelf and cupboard neatly fits without wasting space or disrupting the flow of movement.

Unit 5, 5 Fountayne Road, London N15 4QL